Who we are?

We are a group of enthusiastic youths with a vision to bring new and productive forms of communication services. We aim to make this service available to as many people possible and connect everyone of them at once, in order to collect the madness from all over the world under the same roof. If you are a 90s kid, you must have remembered the fun that we used to have at chat rooms every day after school. Today, chat rooms are almost abandoned because of lack of proper maintainance. We are reviving the old school "chat rooms" that were hosted on IRC, yahoo messenger(TM), Nimbuzz(TM), MSN(TM) and are no longer available/maintained/working. We have created this lightweight website version of the traditional chatrooms and facilitated it with modern chat app facilities. You can share photos, youtube videos, initiate a private chat with anybody at anytime without revealing your personal information. All that you need to use chatting.y99.in is a nickname which you can dispose whenever you like by pressing the 'Log Out' button. People are using yesichat to make friends, many have found their dream partner, many have got red eyes and computer vision syndrome due to over addiction to the elegance and simplicity of chatting.y99.in. Its a platform with freedom to do whatever you like.

chatting.y99.in is using chatting.y99.in chat software which is available for interested webmasters. For any suggestions/ feature requests/ proposals you may reach us via the contact form below.

Regards- Team chatting.y99.in